Blue Sessions

May 13, 2021

When you need a spark of creativity, the color wheel can be your best friend. Pick a color, any color, and see what comes to you as inspiration. Blue is such a beautiful color that can be incorporated in so many ways! Next time you’re in a creative funk, try some of these ideas and see what you can create.


Depending on where you live or where you’re willing to travel to, there are so many options for your locations. Starting with the easiest option, use the sky. A big, open blue sky has so much potential to experiment with angles and poses for portraits, or get creative with landscapes. Other options can include any kind of water, like a lake or ocean, or if you’re in the area, glaciers are beautiful! 

Scout around your local area for blue murals, stairs, or other cool areas! These will make perfect spaces for your photos.


Lighting can make such a huge difference and add elements to your photos you may have never produced before. Try shooting in blue hour and utilize the cooler balance. When editing, experiment with a cool temperature and up the blue luminance tones. Blue lights can be very useful, as well. Try blue gels for your lighting set up, or use a blue bulb or LED light. Even a projector can allow you to create something beautifully blue. 


Want to experiment with a monochrome blue look? How about pops of blue? Incorporating elements of color with makeup and clothing can give your image blue vibes with items you may already have. 


If you are experienced with graphic design programs, create a composite using blue elements. Having the freedom of using elements and creating an entirely new piece of art can be very liberating, and having a color to start with for inspiration can help jumpstart the creative process.


Take the pressure off of creating an entire image in one color and utilize props. Props are fun because anything goes. Think hats, flowers, purses or bags, and jewelry. Sunglasses, drinks, nails, and instruments can also introduce a colorful pop to your images. 

Lauren Gray

Wild Fyre Co. | Kansas City, MO