Couples Boudoir

April 21, 2021

How do you keep the spark with your partner? My boyfriend and I share the same love language, and we couldn’t live without quality time together. We feel so connected when we are laughing and having fun, so we decided to do a couple’s boudoir shoot as a birthday present for me and Christmas present for him. I reached out to a local photographer I work with, and she was ready to shoot! My partner was so nervous and had a lot of questions regarding the process. I wanted to share a list of some tips often clients have when it comes to having a sexy shoot with your boo!

Lauren Gray

Wild Fyre Co. | Kansas City, MO

Laura Straub - lastphoto.kc | Kansas City | FB + IG: @lastphoto.kc

What do I wear?

This is always the number one question! For women, think “coming undressed” throughout your shoot. Start with something like a tee, sweater, dress, or robe! I’ve seen many pictures where women wear a button up or jersey that belongs to their partner and they always come out perfect. For lingerie, one piece bodysuits are flattering on every body type! Two piece sets or a bra and panties are other cute options that allow you to show a little more skin, or to give layers to stripping down if you decide to go topless or nude. For men, many opt for jeans, a button up, and a nice pair of black boxers. 

There is no “rule” to wardrobe, and you will feel more yourself if you choose outfits that feel like you as a couple. Always be sure to try on your outfits ahead of time so that you are confident the pieces fit like you’d hope, and to make sure there are no wardrobe malfunctions. 

How are we supposed to pose? 

Posing guidance is another big topic I discuss with clients when talking about a couple’s boudoir session. If your photographer is experienced with couple’s sessions, they should have a nice posing flow that will help the experience feel comfortable. The most important part of the posing process is not to try too hard. The photographer is going to be capturing you and your partner in an intimate moment, and there is no right or wrong. Even though you may receive prompts, be yourself! Your true love will shine through the camera when you start letting go and being comfortable. Poses can range from mild intimacy such as hand holding, cuddling, loving glances, and moments of laughter. When you start getting comfortable, the more intimate bedroom poses will follow. Relax! If you’re comfortable with your partner and your photographer, it will be natural. 

What if things get a little too hot?

Okay, so you and your partner are getting really close on camera bedroom style. Things are bound to possibly go a little too far. My suggestion is always to have a safe word that you and your partner can use just in case you need a few minutes to calm down between poses and a little privacy while it happens. If something like this does happen, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about! It’s extremely natural for what you’re doing, so share the safe word with your photographer if you need to regroup at any time. 

I don’t want photos like that online…

That’s perfectly fine! Many couples opt to have private sessions and do not sign a model release. Boudoir photographers do not always just giveaway digitals- they offer physical items such as prints, folio boxes, wall art, and luxury albums. The images you receive are going to be given to you in a way where you and your partner can enjoy them for the years to come. There’s absolutely no reason they would need to be shared if you don’t want them to!

If you’re interested in a couple’s boudoir session, make sure you’re working with a photographer you trust and feel comfortable with! My partner, who normally hates photos, says he had such a great time and it exceeded his expectations. He was nervous at first, but was able to relax quickly with me and our photographer. Have you had a couple’s boudoir session? What kind of tips did you get before your shoot?