DIY Cloud Set-up

February 26, 2021

Lauren Gray

Wild Fyre Co. | Kansas City, MO

Cover Image by Sly Pereira | Sly Play Studios | IG @slyplaystudios | FB @slyplaystudios

I’m sure you’ve seen the cloud trend that has been taking over social media! Who doesn’t want to lay on a bed of clouds and feel like an angel? This setup is relatively easy to make and can be used in so many creative ways!


The cloud setup can be set up easily, but it may be a little frustrating and time consuming to get it right! Let’s start with the essentials. 

  • White queen size sheet
  • (1) 10 pound box of polyester fiberfill
  • 1-2 cans of spray adhesive
  • LED light strings or strips 
  • Backdrop stand

  1. Lay out the queen sheet in an area with adequate ventilation and use proper safety measures. Make sure to wear gloves because glue is very sticky, and open windows if you can. The fumes of the glue are very strong and can be dangerous if there isn’t enough ventilation. 
  2. Take a section of fiberfill and spray it, as well as an area of the queen sheet with the adhesive and secure the section to the sheet. 
  3. Repeat these steps until the sheet has a base layer fiberfill down. Don’t worry if it’s not completely filled in!
  4. Go back over the sheet and secure any loose areas, and use extra fiberfill to add dimension and fill in any sparse areas. 
  5. Attach the backdrop to a stand once it’s dry and hang LED lights behind it. 

You can use any size and number of sheets, and more or less of the supplies listed, so your list may need to be adjusted depending on your desired outcome. You can also be creative with the way your lights are placed behind your sheet!

Photographer: Sly Pereira | Sly Play Studios | Insta: @slyplaystudios |


Luckily, there are a few ways you can pack your clouds up. Save the box from your fiberfill and fold up the sheet for compact storage. You can also roll the sheet up so you can unroll it for use. You can also use the vacuum seal bags between sessions. There really is no wrong way to store it, so do what works for you! Keep in mind that this is a fragile set, so you may want to keep extra spray adhesive and fiberfill on hand for any touch ups you may need. 


This setup has a few concerns that have been in discussion. Lights that aren’t LED lights may be too hot for the fiberfill and glue, so it can be a safety hazard. The clouds may be hard to sanitize between clients. Using a disinfectant spray, or using new, loose fiberfill where the client will be may help with the cleanliness. Be aware that bugs and spiders may take a liking to the material and find their way into it. While there may be a few cons, if you can find a way to keep it clean and work for you, it can be very rewarding for your clients!


While this trend has mostly been seen in boudoir, clouds can be utilized for almost any type of photography. Children, portrait, and creative concept shoots would make wonderful candidates for the clouds! Who doesn’t want to feel like they are on Cloud 9? 

This setup can make your client feel like a real life angel with a set of wings, or a goddess with a crown. You can change out the lighting with different colors, gels, and effects for a more unique look, or add prisms for a rainbow flare. 

The possibilities are endless if you let your creative juices flow! Utilize props, accessories, lighting, and see what you can come up with. 

Check out these talented photographers who used their cloud setups to create one of a kind pieces of art!

Photographer: Kayla Weilert | A Thousand Words By Kayla Wichita Photography- Wichita, Kansas Model: Rachel Santiago Facebook: A Thousand Words by Kayla Wichita Photography

Photographer: Calypso Sage | Calypso Photography- Mobile, Alabama Model: Jessica Facebook: BoudoirYourself by Calypso Photography

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