The Perfect Valentine's Gift

February 5, 2021

Lauren Gray

Wild Fyre Co | Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Think back to the most memorable Valentine’s Day gift you have received. I can only imagine it was something personal and stands out!

Let’s be real for a minute. Flowers are expensive and will wilt away, and the candy will just be eaten and never thought of again. You can go to the newest fancy restaurant in town and sit among the crowds of other lovers, or even sit home and do nothing at all. 

While there is nothing inherently wrong with traditional Valentine’s gifts, why not give something that will be a unique experience and last forever? I challenge you to try something new this year and gift a photo session!

Why should I gift a session?

  • When you book a photo shoot with a local photographer, you are giving the gift of pampering, self love, and memories. 

  • Many sessions include hair styling, makeup, and wardrobe, so you and/or your partner can kick back, relax, and indulge in the luxury. There is nothing better than the boost you feel from a nice pampering session!

  • A great photographer will offer posing guidance during your session to make everything feel comfortable and achieve the best pictures possible.

  • Whether you choose to purchase digital files, wall art, or an album, you will be walking away with physical gift reminders of your session. I can guarantee you the canvases will be hanging on the wall or your album will put on display to share the memories for years to come. 

  • You are giving back and supporting small business! Take the opportunity to spend your hard earned dollars with a local photographer. Your investment will go directly to them, and not the multi-billion dollar retail industry. 

What kind of session should I gift?

In this day and age, we are so lucky to have many styles and genres to choose from. How about a boudoir experience? Couple’s boudoir? What about a family session or a couple’s portrait session? How does an adventure session with your pets sound? If you would like to go out of the box, why not pin up, retro, silly, or cringe worthy? I have seen the laser beam background collages making a comeback! 

No matter what kind of session you decide on, the experience will be worth it!

What should I look for in a photographer? 

Already picked the type of session you would like to give? Perfect! 

Do you have a regular photographer that you work with, a recommendation from a friend, or has the gift receiver made a hint that they liked someone’s style? Your job as the gifter just became so much easier. 

If you haven’t lucked out, check out portfolios of local photographers online, and see who catches your eye. An experienced photographer should have a consistent editing style, so you have a reasonable expectation of what you will be receiving. 

Is there a session fee? Is there a minimum order? How many outfits and locations are included? Is hair and makeup included? What about print credit and products? These are important questions to ask. You want to make sure the photographer you book with will provide you with the experience you are looking for. 

When you take the time to do the research and find someone you know you will be satisfied with, you can be confident in your investment. 

How do I gift a session?

Reach out to your chosen photographer and inquire about their services. Tell them you are looking for this session to be a gift and make sure to have all of the information. When you feel you have made your decision, book that shoot or purchase a gift certificate!

Have you given the gift of photography to a loved one? What was your experience? If you haven’t,

try giving the gift of a photo session to yourself or loved ones for Valentine’s Day this year. I can guarantee it will never be forgotten!