Please read the entire document before sending us a message with a question. If your question is not answered in this FAQ, feel free to message us so we can help you with an answer. If your question is in this, and you ask us the same question via messenger, we will direct you to this document.

How do I get my badge for my website?

How do I advertise in your magazine?


How often do submissions open?

Submissions open every Monday & Wednesday on our Facebook page.

How long are submissions open?

Submissions are open approximately 24 hours and always close the following day at 9:00pm CST

How do I submit my photos?

Watch our Facebook page for open submissions. You may submit ONE photo on the submission thread for consideration for that issue. If we see more than one photo submitted by the same person, you will be disqualified from submitting for that particular issue. If your photo is pre-selected for publishing we will contact you via Facebook messenger once submissions for that issue are closed. You can then follow the instructions sent to you and submit additional photos along with the one that was chosen for our consideration. Be aware, that if you choose to submit additional photos via email, we may choose to publish a different image than the original one that was chosen.

What images can be submitted?

* Images have to be high resolution, meaning phone photography typically isn't allowed. We do allow them, but if they aren't high quality, we won't be able to publish them.


* Images that are composites, MUST have full permission from whoever created the content (whoever you bought it from) to be published. Verify with them if you are unsure about their rules.

Who can submit photos?

This magazine is meant for 18+ photographers. Photographers who submit a photo must own copyright to that photo, and it must be their own original work. Models may NOT submit photos.

I've submitted my photos, now what?

If your photos are selected for publishing, you will be contacted via Facebook messenger. You will then have until approximately 24 hours after submissions close to submit your official photos for print. The deadline is always the following day at 9:00pm CST unless otherwise stated. We respond to all emails with a confirmation once we have received it. If you do not hear from us one hour before submissions close 8:00pm CST, that means we may have not received your email and we suggest resending it. If you followed all guidelines for submission and there is an issue with your photos we will contact you.

I've submitted my photos, when will the magazine come out?

New issues are released the following day after email submissions are due. They will be announced on the page and are typically published every Thursday & Saturday. You can also find it by visiting our "Past Issues" tab here on our website!

My photo was chosen, why wasn't it in the magazine?

If you do not see your photo in the issue you were chosen for, it is possible you either submitted your photos after the deadline, or you did not submit correctly. Please make sure you read all instructions that we send to you, they are there for a reason. Possible reasons for your submission not being accepted may be that you sent your photos in a gallery link, you did not give us permission to access and edit your photos if they were sent as a Google Drive link, your photos contained a watermark, etc. Or sometimes it’s simply because we did not receive your email. We wish technology was perfect, but it’s not.

How do I know you have received my email successfully?

We send confirmation emails to all successful submissions. If your photo was chosen, and you do not receive an email reply from us by 8:00pm CST on the day emails are due, that means we did not receive your email. We encourage you to resend it before submissions close. ALL submissions are due by 9:00pm CST. We do not accept late submissions for any reason. If you sent your email before the deadline, but did not receive a confirmation email, that means we never got your original email; and you will not be allowed to resend it after the deadline has passed. It is YOUR responsibility to check your email and get in touch with us or resend your info if you haven’t gotten a confirmation by 8:00pm CST. We understand everyone is in different time zones, if you aren’t familiar with the time difference in your location you can use Google as an easy tool to see what the deadline is in your own time zone.

My photos are too large to email, how can I submit them?

If your photos are too large to attach as a JPEG, you should be given the option to send them as a Google Drive link. If you send them as a Google Drive link, you MUST give us permission to edit your photos (not just view them). If this is not done correctly, we will not be able to access your photos and they will not be published. If using a gallery link, please turn off download pins and enable single image downloads. You may send up to TWO emails. ALWAYS "reply" to your first email to keep them together. If not, we may not see that it is from the same photographer and it may get missed. ed

What kind of criteria do you base your photo selections on?

Proper cropping. This is a big one. If your photo is square, it's going to make it extremely difficult to stretch it to fit in an 8.5x11" magazine. And of course, subject matter, composition, lighting, framing, how well it goes with the issue's theme, etc.

I'm a newbie photographer, can I still submit my photo?

We encourage and welcome photographers of all skill levels to submit their photos for consideration! MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER. We ONLY publish minors during the "Future Photographers" Issues!


How do I purchase a copy of the magazine?

Once an issue is released, we will post a link on our Facebook page that you can use to to view and purchase that issue either in a digital or printed copy. Or you can simply go to the "Past Issues" tab here on our website.

How much does a hard copy cost?

Issue prices vary depending on the size of the issue and its number of pages, but typically range between $20-30.

I have an issue with a purchased magazine…

Please reach out to MagCloud directly for any ordering related questions.


How do I order apparel?

Visit the Apparel tab here on our website and you will be redirected to our apparel shop.

I have an issue with my apparel…

Please reach out to TeeSpring directly for any and all issues related to apparel.